The Crements

We met in early high school, he was my summer vacation crush *cue The Notebook summer love montage*. That chapter of our story is filled with iced teas, walks around the lake, and even a first kiss in the rain.

We stayed friends for a few years after that, even checking up on each other periodically in college, continents away (because my adventure loving self decided to go to college in Australia). We dated other people, and thought nothing of it. Anyone who knows us even remotely, knows this next part of our story, because I still haven't let Lawrence live this down. When I graduated and moved back to America, we wasted no time in getting together - meeting for breakfast not even 2 weeks after I had moved home. Sweet Lawrence showed up in his pajama's, and was greeted by my perfectly tanned and shaved legs in a little white sundress & jean jacket combo. He fumbled through that hour long breakfast, only making eye contact for a split second here and there.

And let me tell you, what started in complete uncertainty & hesitation (mostly on my part, because hello, L was smitten), quickly became one of those "how could I not?" situations. 

Here we are, 6 years later. Life as we know it looks a little different these days - while both still fluent in sarcasm, probably more now than we ever have been...thanks to becoming foster parents in the last year, and recently welcoming a biological babe, we are now both early risers, and I am unfortunately still a night owl. We have quickly outgrown our little 100+ year old tudor style home that we "Chip + Jo'd" ourselves, just 2 blocks away from that breakfast restaurant that we rekindled our relationship at a few years ago...and are looking for our next fixer upper (say it like Chip & Jojo would...)! 

We used to think a tidy house & dinner on the table would make us happy - but these days, no math homework & not having to wipe someone else's butt is a damn near perfect day if you ask either one of us! All my parent friends said "ayyyyyyyyyy!

So, that's our story and we're sticking to it. And while words put in some serious work, there's just nothing quite like a perfectly timed photograph - that's where I come in...

This or That













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While Courtney Crement Photography started with a borrowed camera, a few kit lenses, and sweet Lawrence pushing me to "go for it!" (because that's the kind of friend he is), now more than ever, I am really invested in the process of production through relationship - because at the end of the day, we're all human, with a unique story to be told - and if that sounds like your jam, you know what to do...